My application

Hi there!

I decided to put up my application as a webpage so you can better access and appreciate the graphics and videos relevant to it.

I will go through your points in your article about the job offer and address them as well as I can.
To begin with, I want shortly to present myself and explain why I want to work with you before going into the details.

About myself
My name is  Reynisson, born in 1969, so I am 49 years young.
I am Icelandic but born in Denmark and living in Norway. My family has lived in several countries and me too as an adult. As a result, I speak five languages (a bit german too but haven't used it in ages) I am married and have three kids and a cat.

Gaming has been an important part of my identity since I played Pong on a tv console 1978 and I have seen the industry been born as well as the live stream industry. I have tested and used live streaming technology since the beginning (11 years), but not as a part of my career until 2015 when I decided to start realizing my dream about using my skills and experience as a way of making money. This makes me highly knowledgeable in these areas.

I am totally self-educated when it comes to my creative skills and use of all the relevant software I use.  I consider myself as adept at social media management and the usage of videos in social media and above average when it comes to graphical/video production skills and webpage/community management. I keep myself very well updated on all things I get involved in and always do deep research in order to get the proper understanding of the subject and incorporate that into my production.


My main goal with this application is to get deeper into the industry and connect with organizations/businesses that are professional and are looking for skilled and experienced people like me that can contribute and even shape/develop the business further. Since I am planning to get very involved with Artifact, I decided to start reaching out to businesses that are thinking likewise. Since you were actively looking for content creators, I decided to contact you.



* Experience creating strategy/informative articles (card games preferred)

I am mostly experienced in making videos and live streams related to card games and not so much in writing. I played Hearthstone for 2 years and tested Gwent, The Elder Scrolls: Legends and recently MTG.


*Creativity and ingenuity - always coming up with fresh ideas for content

Being creative, thinking out of the box and being innovative is my strength. It is part of my nature to constantly being curious and asking and getting new ideas frequently pop up in my mind. I am already planning and preparing content that I bet no other Artifact content creators will be doing. I don't want to be a copycat but the one that inspires others and is original.


* Writing prowess - keep articles fun and flavorful without skipping the grammar

I was the editor for a University magazine/newsletter back in the days and even wrote a book with poems, but that was all in Icelandic.
Writing in English is, of course, a challenge but luckily I have good tools to help me out when it comes to spelling and grammar. Keeping the articles fun and flavorful will become natural because I always try to see something funny or entertaining in my production.


* Self-motivated - you are your own master, and you take care of business

Check! Moving on!


* Stay in frequent communication with our awesome team of remote coworkers

I am a team player and used to communicate via a number of platforms with people in other countries.


* Strong understanding of Artifact and the CCG/TCG community and game trends

I don't have access to the game, despite my strong efforts and my knowledge so far is built on articles I have read, videos from beta players and of course by studying info about the cards. CCG/TCG gamed are probably my favorite genre and the one I want to specialize my self in so yes I have a good understanding of the community and trends.  As soon as I get a copy of the game (hopefully, someone can get me into the closed beta.) I will start to build up my own experience and grow further.


* Formatting, design, and presentation skills for professional looking articles (we use BBCode very similar to HTML)

I am confident in my graphical skills and my articles/videos will look pro.  I have a basic understanding regarding BBCode and will quickly be confident of using it.


* Basic understanding of the Facebook and Twitter platforms - you are able to optimize your social media posts and interact with Artifact players in a social space

I regard myself as being adept when it comes to social media and have been both using them and testing them for many years. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.)



Examples and pluses
The best example I can provide you with to show off my writing skills is probably an ebook/guide I wrote about streaming. I wrote more than 90 percent of it. Read it here: The ultimate streamers guide


Graphical and video skills: (this is only a fraction of my work)


Social media and community management:
I put up my first website 1998 and have both designed, administrated, sold website solutions and been consultant many years ago. From 2010-2014 I worked as a webmaster and social media manager at an organization here in Norway and have administrated and moderated countless pages, forums, and groups. Recently I was one of the moderators of one of the biggest English speaking Clash Royale groups called Clash Royale Arena.

My most active pages and groups on Facebook atm:
ARTIFACT nation - The VALVE DOTA card game

I stream to ten platforms at the same time and this week I added Instagram as yet another destination to live stream to. I am talking about streaming games or whatever I want from either OBS or Xsplit, from my desktop and not just from the cam on the mobile. Very, very few people know how to do this.

My most popular and biggest social media accounts are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that is growing now at a respectable rate (more than 20k followers)

I once considered pushing for Legendary in Hearthstone but really didn't have the time to do that. Level 12 was my best.

Being a public speaker is something I have a long experience with.

I speak and understand the following languages: Icelandic, English, Norwegian, Hungarian and Danish. (some German but not enough to be confident with it)

I have many things to bring to the table, and I think I can contribute in several ways to your business and would love to cooperate and work with you.


Petur Reynisson